Simple Banner Ad Management Trick

Running advertising on your WordPress site can get Fairly complicated and so This specific post is targeted at those whose needs are on the lower end so I am only looking at free plugins here. If you’re really serious about advertisements and need robust features, it’s likely that you will need a fully featured paid plugin such as OIO Publisher or Adsanity.

The selected plugin must be simple enough for my client to handle Themselves. It must have a widget for easily displaying advertisements, or at least have a simple short code that will work in a widget. It must be able to deal with either uploading a banner image, or pasting in ad code from a 3rd party such as Google AdSense, BlogHer, etc..

There are a lot of plugins available for advertising so it’s important to think about what your needs are in order to make a good choice without being too cluttered. Many are freemium versions — i.e. there’s a free version but also a paid version with more features.

  • Simple Ads Manager — Recommended

A comprehensive set of features but without being overly complicated to use. Each wordpress plugin will have its own lingo That’s the first hurdle to figuring it out. The way that Simple Ads Manager works is that for every area on your site that will have ads, you create an Ads Place for it. So if you’ve got an area at the top of your site with ads, that would be its own Ad Place, and if you’ve got another in the footer, you’d create another Ad Place for that. A nice feature is that you can set a default ad that runs if there’s nothing else, such as a “your ad here” advertising. The developer has offered some good documentation on all of the features. So your basic workflow is pretty easy:

First create an Ad Location
Create ads for every Ad Place
Add widget to show ads

In my use case I did not need this, but the plugin does have comprehensive Ways to target ads so that you can opt to display certain ads on certain pages/ categories or sections of your site. For very granular control over that, you can utilize the Ad Zone feature.

Other attributes that the plugin includes are: Advertisement Blocks for showing multiple

  • Useful Banner Manager

I really wanted to use Useful Banner Manager because it seemed the easiest And most logical for a client to manage but the significant stumbling block is that it can only work with images that you upload — not with 3rd party advertisements. Many of my clients are using Google AdSense, BlogHer or other networks that provide a code snippet by which to serve the ads so the lack of support for this is a major failing for this plugin sadly.

  • AdRotate

AdRotate includes a freemium model. But where it falls apart for me is that the method of really adding an advertisement is very Non-intuitive so it is not great for clients looking to manage it themselves. If You are on the tech-y side, you may realize that this plugin meets your needs. The paid version includes features like weighting, geo targeting, Scheduling of ads and more.