Be Aware of Conflagration by Using Fire Extinguisher

Living in your home is not always fun. Sometimes you get something that can make afraid and anxious. You have to be aware of some incidents that maybe happen to you. So, you have to prepare something that can solve the problem.

For instance, conflagration is the incident that sometimes can be happened whenever. Conflagration can be caused by many things. Commonly, the electricity can cause conflagration. Besides that, when you cook by using gas, you must be aware because it also can cause conflagration. Actually, you can ask fire fighter to help you. You can fire station and then the fire fighter will come to your home. But, it needs a lot of time to wait for the fire fighter to come to your home. So, you need to prepare fire extinguisher in your home.

Fire extinguisher is the equipment that you always prepare in your home Fire extinguisher is used when conflagration happened in your home. So, you can extinguish the fire immediately. The design of fire extinguisher is like atomizer tube. Usually, the color of fire extinguisher is red, orange, or blue. The size of fire extinguisher is also various. There is small, medium, and large fire extinguisher. You can use it based on your needs. When it happens little conflagration, you can use small fire extinguisher. Meanwhile, large fire extinguisher is usually used by fire fighter. Fire extinguisher has strong sprayer, so that the water will spread hard.

Fire extinguisher should be kept in the right place. It is the place where you can find fire extinguisher easily and immediately. I think the kitchen is the right place to keep fire extinguisher. This is because conflagration is often happened in the kitchen. Fire extinguisher must be placed in the special cabinet or box. And, keep from the reach of the children.